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We deal with wine all over Japan.
 About 200 companies

At the bar you can drink many kinds of Japanese wines and at the shop you can get your favorite one.
[ Glass of white wine] [ Glass of red wine]
500~1000yen 500~1000yen
5 to 10 types 5 to 10 types

<The kind of grape>
Koshu, Chardonney etc...



<The kind of grape>
Muscat Bailey A, Merlot,etc...


Full-bodied/ Medium-bodied/ Light-bodied 


[Glass of Sparkling wine]  [Glass of rose wine]
500~1200yen 500~1000yen
2 to 4types 2 to 4 types



Koshu and Muscat  Bailey A are Japanese grapes. Try it !!

<The producing area> Yamanashi, Nagano, etc


The list of glass wines is written on the blackboard in Japanese.
If you do not understand, please tell the staff the taste of the wine.

(For example, one glass of sweet white wine)


[ Fresh wine ] [ Bottle of     wine]
Fresh and sweet wine You can choose your favorite wine at wine shop and drink it at BAR.
You can pour yourself.

We sell bottled wine in WINE SHOP


[Sake]            [Shochu ]   


[ Beer ] [Cocktail ]
Asahi Super Dry (draft beer) Jug   ¥550 Gin and tonic                  ¥600
Glass ¥350 Cassis and orange juice ¥600
Suntry Premium Malt 's   Jug   ¥600 Shandy Gaff    ¥600       et c
Glass ¥400 Sangria ¥500
Baeren Beer(local beer from Iwate)  
 Classic/Alt(red)/Schwalz(black)  All  ¥700 Hot wine(only in winter)  ¥600


[ Soft drink ]  [ Coffe and Tea]
Orange juice              ¥400  Espresso      ¥400 
Grapefruit juice             ¥400 Cafe latte            ¥550  
 Grape juice         ¥450 Cafe amer icano  ¥550 
Apple juice         ¥450 Tea(iced / hot)    ¥400
Coca-Cola          ¥400 Herb tea(chamomile/ rose hip)¥550

Ginger ale (dry /sweet)  ¥400



Visa or MasterCard is available when the price of accounts is over 5000 yen.